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Rainbow Spider

Alexander Busch

Tying instructions


Lay a basic wrapping with the tying thread and form a skinny body.


Include a strand of Spectraflash Tinsel and place the tying thread at the starting position just behind the hook eye.


Wind the Spectraflash Tinsel with narrow windings to the front and tie it off with the tying thread.


Apply a thin layer of UV glue onto the rainbow-coloured body and cure it with the UV lamp.


Select a suitable hen feather and pluck off all fibres on one side. Cut off the very thin front part of the feather tip.


Pluck off a few of the front fibres so that 2-3 mm of the quill is completely exposed and tie it in directly behind the hook eye.


With 1-2 turns of the hen feather form a sparse hackle wreath and tie it off.


Then form a head with the tying thread and finish with a head knot. If you like, you can secure the head knot with a drop of varnish.


Tying thread: 6/0 black
Hook: Spider #10-16
Underbody: Tying thread black
Body: Spectraflash Tinsel rainbow, UV-glue
Hackle: Hen grizzly

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