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Hot Fire Jig

Alexander Busch

Tying instructions


Place a Tungsten Heavy Body on the hook and place a basic wrap in the slots.


Secure the Tungsten Heavy Body on the underside with some UV-adhesive to prevent it from shifting.


Secure the binding thread with half a turn and apply several windings behind the tungsten body to create a nice transition.


Fold a strip of Flashabou three times in the middle and bind it in as a tail.


Attach the tying wire. Cut off approx. 6cm Egg Yarn and tie in approx. 1/5 of the portion, wrap flat around the tungsten body and then catch it with the thread.


Wrap the Tungsten body flat with the Egg Yarn and then catch it with the binding thread.


Shorten the tail. Create a ribbing with the binding wire in the opposite direction to the Egg Yarn, catch, finish with a head knot and secure with tying varnish.


Tying thread: 6/0 fire orange
Hook: Jig #10
Underbody: Flashabou pearl
Rib: tying wire silver sm
Body: Egg Yarn Fluo Fire orange

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