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Queen's Embrace

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Place a basic winding up to approx. half of the hook. Integrate the copper wire pointing in the direction of the eye. Bring the tying thread to the end of the basic winding. Use the copper wire to wrap the thorax area towards the hook bend. 10-12 turns and tie off the copper wire. Tie down to the beginning of the hook bend.


Tie in a few fibers of a pheasant's tails as tails and tie down to the beginning of the thorax area and let the overhang stand. Bring the tying thread in front of it, secure the thorax with cross windings and bring the thread to the eye. Leave enough space.


Wax the copper wire properly. Loosen up the dubbing mix and "touch dub" the waxed wire very finely. Wrap the copper wire up to the eye and tie off firmly.


Cut off the wire. Push the dubbing standing upwards to the side, fold the fibres forward and tie them down neatly.


Bring the tying thread in front of the protrusion, terminate the nymph with three double half hitches and cut off the thread. Leave approx. 3mm of the overhang and cut off as well. Apply a little varnish to the termination point and the wing sheath. "Pluck" the nymph to free it from excess dubbing.


Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Nymphhook, strait, #8 – 14
Tail: Pheasant tail, natural
Body & Thorax: Copper wire, medium
Dubbingmix: 80% hare's underfur, bluish & 20% Artic Fox Tail, black

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