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Tying instructions


Starting at the hook eye, lay a few turns (approx. 5mm) of tying thread as a basic winding. Bring the thread back to the eye. Put on the chain eyes for testing purposes to check the position. Make sure there is enough space to the eye to finish the fly at the end between the chain eyes and the hook eye.


Apply a drop of glue to the spot of the hook , put on the eyes and fix quickly with tight loops.


Then lay the basic winding further up to the hook bend. Apply a little glue to the upper side of the hook shank and wrap the lead wire quickly up to the eyes.


Select the amount of marabou fiber in such a way that after binding, a flat surface is created with the lead winding - insert the tail. Secure the lead winding with additional cross windings.


Take the body-hackle at the tip between thumb and index finger and spread the fibres with the other hand. Then tie in the hackle at the tip.


The chenille tied in should be as long as the hackle - cut off a similar long piece of chenille, pluck it off on the first few millimetres and bind it over the hackle.


Pick up the feather and the chenille with a clip and twist it carefully. Throughout this process, the fibres repeatedly strip with the fingers of the free hand towards the body so that they stand out nicely.


Wrap the string of chenille and feather up to the eyes - strip the fibres backwards after each winding - tie off. Cut off the rest of the string and make some tight windings again to secure the whole thing properly. Apply a drop of varnish on it. Wrap on some carded wool.


The apparent interface is now overdubbed. Put the thread in front of the eyes and finish with the Whip Finisher. Cut the thread and varnish the head.


Tying thread: 6/0, olive
Hook: Streamer hook, long shank, #2 - 8
Head/eyes: Chain eyes
Underbody: Lead wire 0,30
Tail: Fibres of a black marabou feather
Body: Chenille – olive
Body hakle: Hen – Grizzly – olive
Collar: Carded wool - olive/green

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