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Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Starting with the hook eye, lay a clean basic winding down to the hook bend. Tie in the red hackle fibers as tail. Tie down over the entire length of the hook to create an evenly level body. Let the thread remain close before the eye.


Double the flat tinsel and tie it in over the entire length of the hook up to the hook bend in that way that a loop is created.


Tie down the white chenille with tight windings over the entire hook length - make sure there is enough room for the beard and the wing. Let the tying thread stand as positioning.


Wrap the chenille firmly and tightly up to the tying thread, secure it, cut it off and tie off tightly. Put a small drop of varnish on top and let it dry for a short time.


Pick up the the flat tinsel loop with a clip, twist it and rip the body tightly against the direction of the chenille. Secure the tinsel, cut off and tie off.


Tie in the hackle fibers as beard in such a way that they extend slightly over the hook point to the rear and spread out a little bit.


Tie in the duck feather flat on top. Cut off the overhanging keel, form a head and finish with the Whip Finisher. Paint the head with 2 coats of varnish - leave to dry for a few minutes after the first coat.


Tying thread: 6/0, black
Hook: Streamer hook, long shank, #2 - 8
Tail: Hacklefibers, red
Rib: Flat tinsel, red
Body: Chenille, white
Beard/Hackle: Hacklefibers, red
Wing: Duck - cover feather, natural

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