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Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Slide a small brass bead onto the hook in front of a large one and clamp the hook. Place a basic winding up to the hook tip and return the binding thread to the bead.


Fold a 40cm long piece of flat tinsel 2x in the middle and tie it in. Pull the free ends of the tinsel forward again (tinsel loops are formed).


Tie down, cut off and tie off cleanly. Apply a little varnish and allow to dry. Cut the loops open.


Punch a sufficient amount of Fox Squirrel Tail into the hair stacker and mount it as a swingarm as shown above.


Push the calf's tail into the stacker as well and tie it in as a lower swing arm as shown.


Apply a little wool, apply varnish and dub the wool quickly into the varnish.


Finish the streamer with the Whip Finisher. Cut the thread and apply a little varnish at the area.


Tying thread: 6/0, of your choice - here blue
Hook: Streamer Hook, long shank, #2 – 8
Head: Brass beads, of your choice - here silver & black
Tail: Mylar flat tinsel, blue
Swing top: Fox Squirrel Tail, blue
Swing down: Veal tail, rose

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