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Mystic Squirrel

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Place a basic wrap to the hook bend. The tail should have about hook shank length - tie in a good amount of squirrel hair until just in front of the eye. The hair should be placed first in the hair stacker. On the way back to the hook bend tie in a piece of gold wire.


Pluck off the two pieces of chenille on one side slightly and then tie them in. Turn the tying thread in the direction to the hook eye and leave it in position - make sure there is enough space for the wing and a proper termination of the fly.


Take the two strings of chenille twist them. The string must be held under tension, otherwise it will unwind again.


Wind the twisted chenille tightly up to the above-mentioned positioning, secure, cut off and tie off properly. Pick up the gold wire with a clamp and rip the body. Secure the wire, cut it off and tie it off properly. Apply a drop of varnish and let it dry.


Put some Squirrel hairs in the hair pusher and integrate them as wing on the upper side. Cut off the excess length step by step (cut off a few hairs, make two wraps with the tying thread, cut off a few hairs again, etc.) so that you will not get a too big "bevel". This process also creates a clean head.


Finish the streamer with the Whip Finisher. Cut the thread off and coat the head with two coats of varnish - leave to dry after the first coat and then apply the second coat.


Tying thread: 6/0, of your choice - here dark red
Hook: Streamer hook, long shank, #2 - 8
Tail: Fox Squirrel Tail, natural
Rib: Gold wire, medium
Body: Chenille and Cactus Chenille, black and fluo yellow
Wing: Fox Squirrel Tail, natural

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