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HiVis Caddis

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Place a basic wrap up to the hook bend and tie in the prepared hackle.


Wind-on the Antron very finely and dub a slim body to just before the eye of the hook.


Wind the hackle "palmed" over the entire body, secure, cut off and tie off cleanly.


Cut the hackle slightly on the upper side so that the wing does not stand too vertically upwards. Include a suitable quantity of PP as shown. Guide the thread in front of the overhang and immediately terminate the fly with the Whip Finisher.


Let stand about 3mm of the overhang and cut off. The wing should have an approximate hook length. Apply a little varnish to the terminating point and the area where the wing was tied down.

Material list

Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Dryfly hook, #10 – 18
Body: Antron, fine, brown
Wing: Polypropylene PP, red
Hackle: Cock, grizzly, brown dyed


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