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European Fly Fishing Association


We would like to welcome you to become a member of the European Fly Fishing Association! Join us whether you are simply fly fishing, more of a fly tyer, fly caster or water conservationist, whether you are / would like to be a casting instructor or guide or simply want to be a part of an organization whose members have one thing in common: You love fly fishing and want to spread the spirit of your passion among as many anglers as possible, to make them part of our ever-growing family.


of an EFFA membership

Each member receives a personalized membership card similar to a credit card. This card identifies the owner as an EFFA member and allows them to purchase fishing tackle and equipment up to 20% cheaper from certain retailers or manufacturers. Instructors and guides have even better conditions because they are qualified key persons.

The EFFA therefore enables its members a cheaper and at the same time professional start into fly fishing. Many EFFA instructors offer discounts for EFFA members when participating in their fly fishing courses.

EFFA members get access to a closed Facebook group. This way they can benefit from the huge knowledge of the instructors and members and get insider information about the best fly fishing spots in Europe and valuable contacts. Become an EFFA member and join the European fly fishing network.

When it comes to joining an association, the return should not really be the focus, even if this is a pleasant side effect. An organization lives from the activities of its members. So it should primarily be about getting actively involved. At EFFA you have the opportunity to do so. Interested? Join today!

Types of membership

Your possibilities

Anyone can become a member. Read the bylaws and apply for membership. Membership in EFFA opens up further possibilities for you, because it is also a prerequisite for possibly joining a national organization later on. EFFA members get access to the internal site and the forum and are periodically informed about news.

Annual membership fee

The annual membership fee for a single member is EUR 15.00

This membership is only valid for EFFA certified instructors and guides. To become an EFFA instructor or guide, it is necessary to pass the EFFA instructor or guide exam. If you were not already an EFFA member before passing the exam, you must join EFFA after you pass the exam in order to be listed on the website and benefit from the special offers for instructors and guides. Only those who are EFFA members are allowed to use the titles, logos and trademarks of the organization. To participate in an exam, take a look at the necessary requirements and the next exam dates.

EFFA instructors may, according to EFFA guidelines, be linked from the EFFA website to their personal website and be listed on the instructor list. EFFA gives them the status of a certified instructor according to its high standards. EFFA instructors receive significant discounts for equipment, clothing and travel through special EFFA sponsorship agreements with numerous manufacturers. Our instructors and guides get a personal, internal website access that provides them with up-to-date information.

Annual membership fee

1st year EUR 15.-
following years EUR 25.-*

*Consisting of EUR 15.- for the membership plus EUR 10.- for the certificate renewal. The certificate renewal explicitly does not mean an annual repetition of the instructor/guide examination. In case of prolonged inactivity of an instructor/guide or serious violations of the EFFA Instructor Codex by the instructor/guide, the responsible department may refuse the certificate renewal or withdraw the instructor/guide status.

This membership is only valid for loose associations, clubs or federations. If an association of persons wishes to support the interests of EFFA, it may apply for a partner membership with EFFA. In such a case, such an already existing association would have to send a profile of itself as well as the statutes underlying the association to EFFA. If their goals coincide with those of EFFA, they can apply for a partner membership. However, EFFA reserves the right to reject applications without giving reasons.

Annual membership fee

The annual membership fee for the partner membership: EUR 100.- plus EUR 1.- per member

The Managing Board can elect honorary members. These persons can be suggested by the departments or members and must be confirmed by a unique agreement of the MB. They must either be very well known in the scene due to special achievements (books, videos, articles in magazines) or stand out from the crowd due to extraordinary commitment to EFFA. In any case, an very good reputation is required.

Become a member

Apply now

Dear fly fishers, to become an EFFA member, please fill in the registration form. Until we receive the payment of the membership fee, you will be given the provisional membership.

EFFA Sponsor

You can support EFFA in the form of sponsorship or donations. We would be happy to work out a customized concept with you. With your commitment, you not only support EFFA, you are also an important part of a good idea.

Simply get in touch with us.


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