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Single Hand Master Instructors

The certificate of the EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor identifies the holder as the highest qualified instructor - namely as a master. He fulfills the requirements demanded in the Master Test, usually trains all levels up to the aspiring instructor and is allowed to act as a representative of the EFFA Flycasting Program.

Single hand instructors

The EFFA Flycasting Instructor is designated as a certified instructor who has been able to meet the requirements of the Basic Instructor Test. These instructors mostly train beginners and slightly advanced flycasters. Some may go on to become masters at some point in the future.

Double Hand Instructors

EFFA Double Hand Instructors are mostly specialized in either the underhand technique or the classic technique with rather long lines. They are the right choice when it comes to learning double-handed casting quickly in order to then chase salmon and sea trout in the big rivers of the north.

Fly Fishing Guides

Certified EFFA guides are trained in water rescue as well as in organizing and conducting any fly fishing activities on the water. They will guide you safely to the fish and have the right fly pattern ready.

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