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European Fly Fishing Association

Ferdy Geerdink

Ferdy Geerdink joined EFFA in 2011 and has had a significant influence on its fortunes over the past 12 years as a member of the EFFA Board.

As Membership Secretary, he has represented EFFA to the outside world and held it together internally with his diligence, enormous commitment and constant reliability, particularly in membership administration.

Particularly noteworthy is the co-development of the new website, which could not have been realised without his efforts.

Over the years, he has carried out his role as a board member calmly and modestly, and he has used his viewpoints for the fly fishing community in a level-headed manner. The wise maxim was always not to use the crowbar, but to strive for majorities.

He trained fly fishermen for his local/regional club for several years.

In 2009, he obtained the EFFA Instructor title and from then on passed on his knowledge on behalf of the EFFA. His goal was to bring every fly fisherman individually to the next level. For many years, he was involved in the Netherlands as a trainer for fly fishing novices as well as for prospective instructors. Today he is the training coordinator of the Dutch Association and in this role he is committed to making fly fishermen better.

Over the years, he has left his mark both nationally and internationally by passing on his passion.

He was awarded honorary membership of the EFFA not only because of his exemplary leadership or his commitment as an instructor, but also because it is fair to say that he has had a personal and lasting influence on the fly fishing scene, particularly in the Netherlands.

Thank you very much Ferdy and we are very happy that you will continue to serve us as a national representative.

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