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Kari Brunner

Today we introduce the EFFA webmaster, Kari Brunner. A busy and dedicated fly fisherman, who puts a lot of emphasis on the education and promotion of the youth.

Kari Brunner was born in 1951 and has been enjoying his well-deserved retirement for some years now, which he himself describes as a "restless retirement". Kari, who is from Central Switzerland, lives in Altdorf, in the beautiful canton of Uri, is married, father of a daughter and a son and happy grandfather of five grandchildren. He has been a member of EFFA since 2014 and responsible for the EFFA website for almost exactly that time. In the Uri Fishing Association (UFV), Kari is involved as a SaNa instructor for training and youth development and was active on the board of the UFV as an actuary, press officer, webmaster and course instructor for 16 years until 2016. We asked Kari a few questions:

How long have you been fly fishing and how did you get started?
Kari Brunner: I fish for over 40 years with the fly. I started with a fiberglass rod, which is now back in fashion. My first carbon fiber rod was a "Daiwa". Today this rod is deco and has a place of honor in my rod rack.

Where do you like to fish the most and where are your favorite fishing grounds?
Kari Brunner: My favorite place to fish is on my doorstep, in the canton of Uri. Here I have so many possibilities, from the pre-Alpine lake, the Urnersee, the beautiful mountain lakes at up to over 2,500m above sea level, the streams and distinct mountain brooks. All in all, several 100 km of flowing waters and about 25 mountain lakes. A real fisherman's paradise, which makes the fisherman's heart beat faster. Regularly I am also in the north e.g. in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway on the way. And thanks to the good contacts in the EFFA, recently also to salmon fishing in Canada.

What fascinates you about fly fishing?
Kari Bunner: It is the constant challenge on the water. The stalking, the targeted casting of a rising fish with the dry fly and the technique of nymph and streamer fishing. The casting at overgrown small streams or the pocket fishing in the mountain stream. Fly fishing is dedication, enthusiasm and excitement at the same time.

How did you get involved with EFFA?
Kari Brunner: On the occasion of a warm-up in the region, an EFFA instructor asked me if I would like to help out with the EFFA as webmaster. My answer came immediately - If I can help, then very gladly.

What potential does the EFFA have in your view?
Kari Brunner: The EFFA has a high quality training program. The exams are very demanding. A trademark and privilege at the same time. The courses / WarmUps offered have a high acceptance. The possibility to get in contact with like-minded people and to build and maintain a useful network are unique.

How can the EFFA continue to develop?
Kari Brunner: Just don't stop! That is an old hat. There would be certainly still some things to do for the further development of the EFFA, but that is also always depending on the resources and possibilities that are available. A step in the right direction would be if many more members would participate in the events and thus would make the organization "EFFA" better known to the public.

How do you think about the current ecological situation of European waters and their fish stocks?
Kari Brunner: This topic is an ongoing issue. There is still a lot of room for improvement and there is still a lot to be done. A lot of things are in a bad way because mostly the economic reasons are in the foreground and the ecological reasons therefore get less weight. Our political system is not innocent here.

What is particularly important to you in relation of fly fishing?
Kari Brunner: We all are just guests on this earth. We must therefore also behave as guests and not as "users" in the nature. So we have to take care of flora and fauna and treat everything with conscience.

What do you value most when you're at the Water?
Kari Brunner: The experience of being in the free nature, learning from nature and observing it. Participating in all the things that nature offers us. And if I can then enjoy a fine snack or picnic with like-minded people by the water, that's something wonderful.

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