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Bernhard Nussbaumer

Lives in  Günzburg / Bayern / Germany

My grandfather taught me how to fish when I was just 14 years old. At that time, as was customary at the time, I went fishing by bicycle. At 16 years I made the state fishing license and was allowed from now on alone to fish. When I was 20 years old, I thought about trying fly fishing. Then I got an equipment for my birthday. This consisted of a telescopic rod from Shakespeare, reel and line. Of course there were also flies.

Unfortunately, it remained with the thought, and so the equipment lay year after year in the cupboard.

After more than 30 years the time had come and I finally started fly fishing after my wife gave me a fly fishing course.
Much too late, as I know now.

Today I fish exclusively with the fly rod. For me, there is nothing more close to nature than being on the water with a rod.

At the same time I started tying flies. Tying has now become a passion. Here I can be creative and relax at the same time. Personally, I prefer tying simple patterns that are fishable.

Of course, I admire the specialists who tie really lifelike works of art. Maybe the day will come for me, too, when I will dedicate myself to these patterns.

Have fun with fly fishing and tie your own flies.
There is nothing more beautiful than to outwit a fish with a self-tied fly.


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