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European Fly Fishing Association

Peter Kunz

lives in Schöfflisdorf (CH)

hockey friend who gave me a fly rod for the first time in 1980. From that moment on, I was infected by the fly fishing virus and it has not let me go until today. In the following years I took several courses to improve my casting technique. At the same time I started tying my own flies.

Tying bag and fly rod have become a must have companions for me wherever my travels take me. In Gmunden, Austria, I learned a lot from the "Traun-Cracks". There I also got to know Hans Gebetsroither personally. I remember well and fondly how he used his walking stick to push my line hand into the right position. In Slovenia I was allowed to sit and talk with Marjan Fratnik - he showed me how to tie a fly in the simplest way even without a tying stick.

For several years now I have been spending the summer months in Canada's Yukon Territory. Fly fishing in these endless spaces, in fish-rich crystal-clear streams, fascinating lakes: a dream! Here in Canada's north I discovered my love for canoeing on wild rivers. It inspires and challenges me to be on the road with canoe, tent and fly rod. In harmony with the natural wideness as well as the wildlife of the Canadian North I enjoy to experience new adventures again and again.

The longer I work on the tying vise, the more I am involved in the production of lifelike terrestrials and other aquatic creatures. This challenges me especially and helps me again and again to surprising catches.

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