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Rudy van Duijnhoven (Kopie)

Today we introduce the EFFA veteran, Rudy van Duijnhoven. Because he has made his hobbies his profession, there is no time for other hobbies, but the busy and restless Dutchman actively promotes fly fishing at home and abroad.

Rudy van Duijnhoven, is 58 years old. The freelance photographer and author grew up in Berg en Dal / Groesbeek, Holland. Rudy is co-founder of EFFA in Holland and has been a member of EFFA since the beginning. He is editor at Beet, De Nederlandse Vliegvisser and course instructor at Fly Fishing Academy, just to name a few offices. Rudy has turned his two passionate hobbies (fishing and photography) into a profession. Promoting fly fishing at home and abroad is very important to him. We asked Rudy a few questions:

How long have you been fly fishing and how did you get into fly fishing?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: I have been fly fishing since I was 16 years old. I got interested in it through many articles in magazines and books. I learned the technique from many good casters like Ad van Lith, Jos van der Wouw, Hans-Ruedi Hebeisen and so on.

Where do you like to fish the most, where are your favorite areas? Do you have an insider tip that you would like to recommend?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: I fish quite universally. The variety of catching a fish is particularly appealing to me. So I am in the most diverse countries, in freshwater and saltwater regions on the road. In Ireland I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of fishing, not only with the fly. From trout in rivers and lakes to blue shark in the sea, everything the fisherman's heart desires.

What fascinates you about fly fishing?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: The first thing that fascinates me is casting, because without the perfect cast fly fishing is not fly fishing and then comes the fly tying. Yes, and when you hook the desired fish with a self-tied fly and the perfect cast, it is the reward of hard work and confirmation at the same time.

Why are you an EFFA member?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: I have been convinced of EFFA from the beginning and so I helped to build up EFFA in our regions. I would like to pass on my knowledge within and also outside of EFFA. The perfect throwing technique is especially close to my heart. And because you never stop learning, I would also like to continue learning from others. This works very well in the EFFA.

What is the potential of EFFA (from your point of view
Rudy van Duijnhoven: I would like to see EFFA further developing and increasing the teaching of throwing and as a result, the throwing technique. EFFA has built up quite a good name for itself over the years, especially in throwing technique.

Where or even how can EFFA develop further? What else could be done?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: It is a pity that there are two organizations in Europe that do and want almost the same thing. It would be good if the two organizations would pull together. Just imagine the potential!  That would be a big step in the right direction from my point of view.

How do you see the current ecological situation of European waters and their fish stocks?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: This is a difficult issue. Many waters are still damaged by cormorants. The continuous construction of weirs and the permanent pollution of agriculture by pesticides is cruel. Added to this is global warming which makes everything much more difficult. It is man himself who is destroying himself. A madness this consumption, this massless abundance and widespread egoism. I can no longer believe in the sanity of man and a secure future? Unfortunately, I have lost faith.

What is your biggest wish in relation to fly fishing?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: My greatest wish would be if inland fishing could only be used for research purposes and all sport fishermen had to put back their catches. I would like to see the same thing happen with ocean fishing. This is my personal wish, although I know that it will never come true.

What could you never be without when you're on the water?
Rudy van Duijnhoven: My view for the beauty of nature and of course my camera with accessories.

Rudy van Duijnhoven
Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 17
6571 AW Berg en Dal, NL

Website: und
Tel. +31 (0)6 – 2001 3897

Interview: Stefan Schramm

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