European Fly Fishing Association

Purpose of the EFFA

The European Fly Fishing Association was founded in 2006 as the successor organization of FFF-Europe to give fly fishers in Europe a common voice and to make the various areas of fly fishing accessible. From the enthusiastic fly fisherman to the dedicated fly tyer, the casting instructor to the water conservationist, all have the opportunity to contribute within the organization. Members from over 20 countries in Europe are under the cover of the EFFA.

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EFFA-General Info

The Education

An important cornerstone

In order to do justice to the diversity, EFFA has taken on the education of fly fishers in a special way. In all relevant areas of fly fishing, certification programs enable the achievement of a high level of professionalism. EFFA certificates are much demanded and the examinations not only enjoy a high status because of their professionalism, but are considered to be the most demanding of their kind.


EFFA certifications

The following EFFA exams are currently available.

EFFA Flycasting Instructor

EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor

EFFA Doublehand Flycasting Instructor

EFFA Flyfishing Guide

EFFA certification
Criteria & Requirements


Types of exams

Fly fishing without borders

The big EFFA family

The members of the EFFA are spread all over Europe, the fishing experience even goes well beyond. There are hardly any places where our members have not fished yet. What could be better than getting first-hand information about a destination from a local expert or even going fishing with him for a few hours?

The large EFFA family is of invaluable value especially when it comes to fishing trips. Whether you want to fish for salmon, trout, grayling or tarpon, you will find the answers to your open questions in the EFFA forum.

Waters need protection

We support sustainable fishing

EFFA makes efforts within its possibilities to support water protection and sustainable fishing and to point to problems. The Department Conservation coordinates the activities and, if necessary, asks the members to become active to support the concerns of fish, but also of fly fishing.

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