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Fly fishing

Fly fishing is not only a demanding technique, but also a philosophy associated with ethics and logic. The fly fisherman observes, considers and adjusts according to the situation on the water. The subject is complex and until it is so far to be able to catch the fish in seconds, with the right cast, it takes practice and the necessary knowledge. Knowledge about the right behavior and how to interact with the nature. How do I read the water? How do I recognize dangers and avoid them? And how do I behave in emergency situations? The final precise cast and the knowledge about the behavior of the fish and their food are the basic requirements.

The department

Fly fishing

The Flyfishing Department takes care of various flyfishing issues as well as the EFFA Guide Program. If you are an EFFA member or would like to become an EFFA member and are interested in joining the Flyfishing Department, please contact the Chairman directly by e-mail.

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You are an experienced fly fisher, a good caster, have got an extensive experience and are playing with the idea to become an instructor yourself? Learn more about the EFFA certification programs.



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