Tying instructions

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Tying instructions

Fly tying is an art that can be learned. To catch a good fish with a self-tied fly is probably the most satisfying thing a fly tyer can get as a reward for his work on the tying vise. But until that happens, you need some basic skills, a set of materials and tools, and especially the belief that this particular fly pattern has that certain something that will persuade the fish to bite.

On the following pages you will find fly patterns that you can retie, one or the other fly tying tip and nice step-by-step videos from EFFA members. But now there is no time to lose. Get to the tying vise!

Dry flies

New instructions, 2024-10-25

Wet Flies

New instructions, 2024-10-25



Salmon flies

If you want to present your flies on our website or in a small video, please send us them by E-Mail

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In 2012, EFFA launched its open European fly tying championship. It became well known within a short time and also fly tyers on the other side of the Atlantic have entered the winner lists in the past.

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